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whatsapp new features update

Top Latest Features of WhatsApp's new update

Whatsapp always brings some cool and useful features for its users in its every update. In this post, I will list all the latest features of Whatsapp updates. Before that, you can read about WhatsApp.

About Whatsapp

The application was created by WhatsApp Inc. at Mountain View California, which was later acquired by Facebook in February 2014 for around US $ 19.3 billion. It became the world's most popular messaging platform within a year in 2015 and has over 1.5 billion active users worldwide as of  2018. It has now become the primary means of communication in multiple countries, including Brazil, India, Pakistan, Spain, the United Kingdom, and France.

Latest Features of WhatsApp are:-

1- Splash Screen

whatsapp splash screen

Whatsapp has added a splash screen in it's latest update. This is not a major feature but it is an good update to WhatsApp’s User Interface. This splash screen can be seen by the user whenever a user launches WhatsApp.  The screen contains WhatsApp's official logo at the center as shown in the screenshot. This feature is rolled out for beta users for now and will be soon for everyone. 

2-Self Destructing Messages

This is one of the best whatsapp updates and is so much exciting and useful which is to be introduced very soon. By using this feature user on WhatsApp can send self-destructing messages. Self-destructing message means the message sent will be deleted after some interval of time that is to be set by the user who sent the message. Also, this message will have no history or warnings like message deleted. 

3-Hide Muted status

Users who don't like looking at someone's annoying status will love this feature. Before this update, if we mute someone then also their status was shown at the bottom of the screen this was irritating. But after this WhatsApp update, we can completely mute someone's status and can retrieve it if needed from another section. 

4-Fixed Annoying Notification for iOS 

Whatsapp's latest version of the iOS will finally allow the users to properly mute chats that they do not want to receive notifications from.
Till now, notifications continued to appear on the app's icon, even from groups and chats that they had already muted.
WhatsApp announced these changes in the release notes for Version 2.19.110
The Release Note stated that - "Muted chats will no longer display notification badges on the app icon when you receive new messages,".

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