Virtual Debit Card Services in India for Free

Free Virtual Debit Card Services in India

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What are Virtual Debit cards?

Virtual Debit Card also called Electronic Card or e-Card, is created for e-commerce transactions. First, we have to load money into the card then we can use it anywhere online.

It provides a simple and secure means of transacting on-line without providing the original Card or Bank Account info to the merchant.

Virtual Cards will be used at any merchant location accepting MasterCard/ Rupay Card / Visa Cards on-line, without any difference from a regular physical card.

Best virtual debit card Providers in India are

1-Kotak Bank

Kotak 811 provides a Virtual Debit Card. For getting Kotak Virtual card you just need to install Kotak app from play store and apply for the card. After registering just complete the KYC process then wait for successful verification. It generally completes within a few seconds but sometimes it takes time. 
Now open Kotak app and click on Kotak 811.
You will get option for virtual debit card so get your free virtual debit card from there.
Now just load money into account and use it anywhere.

you can read FAQs of Kotak 811 from here.

2-Pockets by ICICI
pockets Virtual Debit Card Services in India for Free

It is a VISA powered electronic wallet that customers of any bank can use to do any online transactions as mobile recharge, send money, shop anywhere, pay bills and much more.
After successful registration, you will be provided an electronic card that you can use anywhere you want.
You can install pockets app from play store and register to enjoy the benefits.

3-Paytm Payments Bank

paytm Virtual Debit Card Services in India for Free

Paytm provides a Rupay debit card. You can use your free virtual card to make online purchases across all merchants/websites accepting RuPay cards. You can also order a physical debit card through your Paytm App
you can directly install paytm app from playstore and register with the process of full KYC. After that, you will be provided virtual debit card for free.

4- State Bank Virtual Card

State bank also provides virtual debit card. It doesn't require any separate setup, installation or registration, any customer having internet banking facility with transaction rights can create Virtual Card and use it anywhere.

5-Oxigen Wallet

Oxigen Wallet is also like pockets. It provides an easy and safe way to pay online for anything everywhere, using its Prepaid VISA feature. That's right! With VISA inside the new Oxigen Wallet App, you can now shop online anywhere  VISA/Mastercards cards are accepted.
For using it-
*Download the latest version of Oxigen Wallet App from playstore.
*Register with RBL Bank and get started 

6-Airtel Payments Bank

Airtel Payments bank provides a virtual MasterCard to its users. You need to install Airtel Thanks app from the playstore and register. After successful registration with KYC you will get your virtual card for free. Just load money i.e. airtel money and use that card anywhere.

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